Detail of a powertunnel valve

Mechanical, Electrical & Hydromechanical Equipment


Our teams in the field of electromechanical engineering provide both the complete design work and technical specifications for new build schemes, and for the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing plants. Our experts develop exacting solutions for turbine and pump concepts, generators, excitation and protections systems, emergency and cooling systems, fire protection and HVAC systems, switchyards and substations, instrumentation and control systems, and transmission & distribution.


We provide expertise in mechanical engineering and hydro mechanical engineering in hydroelectric power plants starting from feasibility studies to commissioning. We have extensive experience in the design of gates, valves, penstocks, steel liners and related equipment, as well as expertise in metallurgy and dynamic processes. We are equipped with the full spectrum of measurement devices for measuring thermo dynamical efficiency of Francis and Pelton turbines as well as pumps and pump turbines.


  • Consulting services for (pump) turbines, (motor) generators and auxiliary equipment, hydraulic steel structures (HSS)
  • Synchronous generators, synchronous motor generators,
  • Asynchronous motor generators and frequency converters
  • High voltage switchgear up to 550 kV
  • Rehabilitation and modernisation of hydro power plants
  • Transient calculations
  • Waterhammer calculations
  • Assessment of existing HSS and design of new HSS
  • Fluid dynamics and FE analysis (i.e. CFD, FEM)
  • Corrosion protection
  • Model and workshop witness test expertise
  • Fluid dynamics and FE analysis (i.e. CFD, FEM)
  • Cost estimates
  • Commissioning
Measurement sensors installed on a pump turbine

Hydropower Measurements brochure

Maybe you want to measure something out of the ordinary, the vibrations on a pump, effectiveness of coolers or hydraulic regulation pressure on the intake gate. Our experienced specialists can provide you with optimal solutions for achieving accurate measurements.

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