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Mining, minerals and metals

A wide range of strategic and management consulting services for the mining, minerals and metals industry in transition

AFRY is seeking to be the leading advisor to mining, minerals and metals industry players on their way to sustainability, circularity, energy transition and better performance.

Mining and processing of minerals and metals is one of the most sizable and pivotal industries of the global economy. It supplies us with essential means and solutions, such as building materials, infrastructure, vehicles, machinery and electronics, but these benefits bring along environmental harm and climate change. Metal production and related mining processes are estimated to account for up to 10% of global GHG emissions.

At the same time, the industry is at the forefront of a fundamental sustainability transformation. Moreover, its development is welded with the energy transition and our quest for a green future.

Customer needs are adapting to contemporary times, and they display a growing inclination towards sustainable and ethical products while valuing transparent and responsible performance. This demand not only presents unique growth opportunities but also attracts new investments to the industry, fostering its development.

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AFRY's Metals, Minerals & Mining advisory services
AFRY collaborates with clients who are pioneers and sectoral leaders of the green transition. Our service offering responds to key challenges on this journey:
  • How to decarbonise the energy supply and operations?
  • How to select the most value-added technology or combination of solutions allowing the green transition?
  • How to secure raw materials, components and offtake?
  • How to ensure that all the materials are used in the most rational, efficient and sustainable way?
  • How to improve operational efficiency without major capital injections?
  • How to respond to the new demand for ethical and transparent operations and supply chains?

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of minerals, metals, products and components, including base and precious metals, bulk commodities, energy transition minerals, alloys and steel. We are particularly active with:

  • Energy transition minerals and critical minerals
  • Green steel and green metals
  • Bio-based materials as feedstock and components
  • Battery value chain, including battery minerals
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Our core service lines are:
- Forward looking market analysis
- Strategic advice
- Operational and digital transformation
- Transaction support
- Sustainability services

Frequently asked questions

How is AFRY equipped to support clients in the mining, minerals, and metals sector? Arrow pointing right

With +1,000 full-time dedicated specialists globally, +2,000 reference projects and a track record of +30 years in mining, minerals and metals, our ambition is to be the preferred advisor to mining, minerals and metals industry players on their way to sustainability, circularity, energy transition and better performance.

In recognition of our work towards this objective, Engineering News-Record ENR has ranked AFRY at #4 among the top international design firms in steel and #7 in mining. In addition, Forbes has ranked AFRY among the World's Best Management Consulting firms, while the Financial Times has recognised AFRY among UK's leading Management Consultants.

AFRY has been recognised as one of UK's leading management consultants by the Financial Times and the world's best management consulting firms by Forbes
What does AFRY Management Consulting's comprehensive consulting service offering for the mining, minerals and metals sector include? Arrow pointing right

AFRY has a broad range of consulting services to offer. Most of the offerings below transfer into tailored projects delivered to address the unique requests of our clients.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have a specific request. AFRY will use its wide competence to find the best-fit solution for your business.

Forward looking market analysis

  • Tailor-made market research
  • Forward looking modelling
  • Policies and regulation analysis
  • Scenario analysis
  • Technology assessment
  • Cost competitive analysis
  • Energy markets (and other key inputs)

Strategic advice

  • Corporate/business strategies
  • Investment strategies
  • Market entry strategy
  • Innovation management
  • Value-chain security
  • Sustainability/ESG strategies
  • Decarbonisation roadmaps
  • Bankable Feasibility Studies

Operational and digital transformation

  • Execution gap analysis
  • Operational efficiency and turnaround
  • Performance improvement
  • Organisation health and effectiveness
  • Post-merger integration
  • Capital project effectiveness
  • Digital strategies and solutions

Transaction support

  • Commercial due diligence
  • Regulatory due diligence
  • Technical due diligence
  • EHS/ESG due diligence
  • Risk management

Sustainability services

  • Greenhouse gas inventories
  • Carbon calculations (scope 1-2-3)
  • Social responsibility risk analysis
  • Reporting of climate-related financial information
  • Assessment of biodiversity risks
  • Life cycle assessments and circular economy strategies, business models, and ecosystems
What are the 2-3 most important focus areas for a company on its Green Transformation journey? Arrow pointing right

Sustainability, or the green transformation, is a complex challenge. Industry players nowadays recognise that they interact with society and the environment in many ways, and some impacts cannot be easily visualised.

Our aim as an advisor is to go through the operations and value chain of our client while ensuring that all major impacts are identified and we have a realistic action plan to address them.

The transformation starts when the business also learns to forecast its sustainability performance and works forward to minimise its future impact. This also creates transparency in interaction with partners and society and helps to increase the value of the business.

AFRY believes a responsible industry player should be looking to improve along the following key issues:

  • Decarbonise power: turn to fossil-free, sustainable energy
  • Reduce operational emissions: ensure efficient technology and aim for additional measures (CCUS, carbon offset, etc.)
  • Adopt circularity principles: reduce waste, improve material efficiency, aim for recyclability and longer product life cycles
  • Reduce water stress: use less water, produce less effluents, improve treatment
  • Prevent biodiversity loss: decrease spatial damage, consider valuable habitats, regenerate nature
  • Downsize social impact: reach the status quo with the communities and improve the public image
  • Secure ethical supply chain: elect and cooperate with partners that share common values
  • Improve operational efficiency: implement CAPEX-free optimised processes

AFRY also provides engineering services in:

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Minerals and Metals in our everyday lives | AFRY
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Bioindustry Management Consulting

Our dedicated team of over 200 industry experts advise clients across bioeconomy value chains from forestry to packaging and retail, as well as from new bio-based materials to novel new end-uses.

Our service offerings, from corporate strategy to process design and from market insights to operational efficiency backed up by an understanding of best practices, detailed in-house databases, and analysis led by experts in the field, ensure your outstanding performance. We want to be your trusted partner.
Ilya Gasparishvili - Principal, AFRY Management Consulting
Ilya Gasparishvili
Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

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