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Offshore Wind Power

Providing deep expertise along the entire offshore wind value chain

AFRY is a leading consultancy in the offshore wind sector, having provided technical, commercial, and environmental advisory services for offshore wind projects across Europe, USA and Southeast Asia.

With many years of experience in the field, we are a leading provider of consulting services for the offshore wind power sector. On the strategic and commercial side, we advise clients looking to enter the offshore wind sector through project developments or financial investments. Rooted in our deep sector expertise, we provide industry-leading market insights and due diligences for our clients.

As we are a one-stop shop for offshore wind projects, our services encompass the full project lifecycle, including strategic advice, development, contracting, financing, construction, operations and maintenance (O&M). Moreover, we offer full bid support and tender management, to help you win concession tenders.

Wind farm in the North sea on the coast of United Kingdom

What services does AFRY offer for offshore wind power?

  • Commercial and market advisory
  • Site identification and selection
  • Feasibility studies
  • Wind measurements and energy yield assessments
  • Grid studies
  • Environmental services and licensing
  • Project development
  • Lenders technical advisory
  • Lenders environmental and social advisory
  • Technical, commercial, and environmental due diligence
  • Owner's Engineering & package management
  • Engineering and procurement
  • Construction management
  • Operation and maintenance advisory
  • Site investigations, wind resource assessment & LCoE analysis
  • Nature-inclusive design
  • Electrical grid integration
  • System integration.

Consulting services for offshore wind power generation

Site investigations, wind resource assessment & LCoE analysis Arrow pointing right
Lines of offshore wind turbines in the rolling surf off the North Sea coast

AFRY offers comprehensive offshore wind services, among which different types of site investigations. Our expertise encompasses the procurement and management of floating lidar metocean and ground modelling, as well as geotechnical and geophysical campaigns. Our insights in offshore wind resources, sea waves and currents & subsea soil layers lay the foundation for precise feasibility & pre-FEED studies, ensuring informed decisions in offshore wind projects.

Moreover, AFRY excels in Wind Resource & Energy Yield Assessments, crucial for optimal project business cases and planning. Our team conducts thorough wind and yield analyses and LCoE studies to calculate project viability. We harness extensive competences in financial modelling and development strategy, ensuring a robust approach to achieving sustainable and cost-effective offshore wind solutions.

Nature inclusive design Arrow pointing right
Wind turbines in the sea

AFRY highly values all innovations in nature inclusive design (NID), a key driver in sustainable offshore wind projects. Our approach minimizes the negative and enhances the positive effects on above water (birds and bats) and below water (sea mammals, fish and benthos) offshore ecology and the ecosystem as a whole.

Circular principles guide our design, recognising our vital role in ecosystem preservation globally. Leveraging our expertise in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), we ensure a comprehensive understanding of project implications, fostering environmentally responsible offshore wind solutions.

Electrical grid integration Arrow pointing right

AFRY is a frontrunner in electrical grid connections, shaping the backbone of seamless offshore energy networks. Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience drive the design and implementation of reliable grid connections.

With a keen eye on efficiency and sustainability, we ensure the seamless integration of offshore energy into onshore grids. AFRY's dedication to excellence ensures robust electrical grid connections that underpin the success of offshore energy projects.

System integration Arrow pointing right
Hydrogen production

AFRY is a leader in system integration, a critical element of effective offshore wind farms. Our capabilities span diverse sectors, including power-to-x solutions that turn surplus energy into valuable outputs.

We seamlessly incorporate system integration within our tendering & bid management services, ensuring holistic project execution. Additionally, our project management office services ensure streamlined coordination, optimising the success of offshore wind projects.

These services and areas of expertise collectively reinforce our capacity to deliver comprehensive solutions that address every aspect of offshore wind energy projects.

One-Stop Shop for Wind Power projects and business transactions

We provide our services in compliance with the best international practices and standards as well as fulfilling local authority requirements and design codes.

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