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Other biosolutions - Crude Tall Oil and HDS® technology

Tall oil plants based on our patented HDS® technology

Crude tall oil (CTO) is the by-product of the kraft pulping process. CTO production can both improve the efficiency of a pulp mill and bring additional revenue when sold as a feedstock for wide variety of bioproducts. Removing crude tall oil from the pulp mill process may also increase the production efficiency remarkably.

Lately the strong support for renewable transportation fuels has increased interest in tall oil as feedstock for advanced biofuels, while leading consumer brands are driving the demand for bio-based chemicals and plastics. Our expertise covers the services from business case analyses and strategies and market insights to resource and technology strategies and to plant implementation. Our local office network enables also operational phase support and performance improvement.

Our solution for tall oil plant: HDS® Technology - Delivery

We deliver tall oil plants based on our patented HDS® technology on EPC basis. We have globally delivered more than 20 plants based on this technology.

Investment in a new tall oil plant is a feasible option both for mills with too small or outdated tall oil plants as well as for mills without an existing plant.

  • Typical payback time for a new tall oil plant: 1-5 years depending on size and location
  • Typical payback time for an updated tall oil plant with a 25% increase in production: 2-5 years depending on size and location
HDS® Technology – Process

Our HDS® plants combine high yields and availability with low operating costs. The high-quality crude tall oil produced in our HDS® process meets the most stringent quality demands in the tall oil industry and can be used in all relevant applications. Clients trust in our ability to tailor our technology according to their requirements.

HDS® Technology – Key benefits

1.   Increased value through a commercial end-product

2.   Increased efficiency of primary processes

3.   New growth opportunities through increased demand for tall oil applications.

Guy Skantze - Head of Chemicals and Biorefining
Guy Skantze
Head of Chemicals and Biorefining

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