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Digitalisation and sustainability are the key change drivers of the paper industry

AFRY offers in-depth strategic advisory services and proven engineering and project implementation capabilities for global paper industry clients in all phases of their business lifecycle. Our track record in the paper industry and related advisory and engineering services spans more than six decades.

The world's paper industry is facing significant structural changes as the decline of graphic paper consumption continues.
At the same time, specialty paper grades are becoming increasingly attractive to paper manufacturers. Labels, papers with different functional properties or printability, are in growing demand. There is continuous innovation ongoing with paper, leading to new functional end uses and new possibilities for the papermakers.

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The recyclability of paper is one of its main strengths and unique features. With many sustainable properties, paper is taking its place as one of the best alternatives for replacing plastic packaging and wrapping and helping to reduce the CO2 footprint. Paper can be recycled around 5-7 times and approximately 57% or 238 million tonnes of all fibre used for paper production nowadays comes from recovered paper.

Paper mills are under continuous pressure to improve material and energy efficiency and optimizing operating costs. By assessing operations, AFRY can help clients to identify and implement the most feasible and reasonable improvements for reaching higher operational efficiency.

AFRY delivers deep advisory insight on the changing global paper markets. With the rapidly changing world, a need for rethinking and repositioning is on the agenda for many paper companies. The consumption of containerboards and carton boards is steadily increasing and grade conversion rebuilds to produce more profitable products can be an alternative. AFRY has a strong track record of state-of-the-art greenfield projects as well as conversion rebuilds. We work closely with our clients and assist them throughout the whole process, from evaluating project feasibility to project implementation.

Whether you are looking for independent advice during the very initial investment phase or require a full-scale EPCM project execution partner for a new, greenfield mill or a rebuild or conversion project – we are here to help you from concept to closure. In all our project work we enforce the most stringent HSE standards and have a zero accident policy.


Our key competences:

  • Paper mill technology
  • Mechanical and chemimechanical pulp
  • Recycled pulp
  • Mechanical printing paper
  • Fine papers
  • Containerboard
  • Cartonboard
  • Tissue


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Did you know?

We have been involved in 80% of the world's fastest paper machines.
Visa Moilanen - Head of Pulp & Paper business
Visa Moilanen
Head of Pulp & Paper business

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