Refurbishment of safety drive motors

Plant Upgrade

Extending the lifespan of nuclear power plants

During the operation of nuclear power plants and facilities there will be a need for justification of continued operation, plant modifications and operational changes driven by regulatory, environmental and commercial requirements. We make sure power plants continue to operate under optimum safety and performance parameters beyond their designed operational life.

Generally, the designed lifespan of a reactor is around 40 years. After 10 years of operation they begin to deteriorate, mainly due to irradiation, thermal and mechanical loads, and corrosive and abrasive processes. We have implemented various techniques to support power upgrades and to optimise plant maintenance and operational management. These techniques include Probabilistic Safety Assessment and the development of risk management tools.

Plant life management (PLiM) helps to ensure that the plant continues to operate under optimum safety and performance parameters by repairing and correcting these aging processes.

Plant Life Extension procedures in various countries across the world follow a relatively similar process, barring minor variations based on regulatory and other requirements.

We have developed many long-term relationships to support the continued operation of nuclear assets by providing innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Typical areas of support:

  • Environmental due diligence assessment
  • Engineering and supervision of back-fitting/upgrades
  • Power up rate studies
  • Life extension studies
  • Probabilistic Safety Assessment
  • Modernisation of systems (e.g. I&C)
  • Process engineering
  • Test preparation and implementation
  • Verification and validation
  • Commissioning

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