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PlasticsToBio – an affordable, economically sustainable concept and initiative to decouple plastics from fossils

The world is crying out for a solution to the plastics problem, not only because of the huge amount of fossil-based oil that is needed for its production, but also because too often used plastics end up discarded in nature.

The world’s plastics issue can be solved! Technologies are already available, but require scaling up in number and size. In the end, it is more a matter of will of governments, companies and consumers to make it happen. Besides solving the problems related to plastics we can make the conversion to bio-based materials in and economically viable manner. Four things are needed:

  • Education concerning the value related to used materials
  • Collection of all plastics after use
  • Recycling of all plastic types and qualities
  • Production of enough bio-based feedstock to gradually replace fossil feedstock.

Eventually, PlasticsToBio will enable 1Gt CO2 savings per year when implemented.

From collection to recycling

Our solutions – PlasticsToBio – is an initiative pulling together companies active in oil refining, plastics production, bio-based feedstock and bio-plastic producers, waste management, technology development, recycling and retail and brand-owners; principally to all who are ready to proceed with plastics problem solving. It develops business models for different type of operators in the plastics value chain (from plastic collection to recycling and production and use) and creates wider scale solutions like deposit schemes. We have a clear view on how this can be implemented and with what investments and timetable.

Our key competences:

  • Concept development for plastics collection
  • Chemical, mechanical and physical recycling technologies
  • Bio-based feedstock and bioplastics production technologies
  • Implementation of required investments (engineering, procurement, project and construction management)

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Petri Vasara - Vice President, Management Consulting, Finland
Petri Vasara
Vice President, Management Consulting, Finland

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