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Product Cyber Security

Secure products from start to delivery and beyond

Increased connectivity brings new opportunities to deliver value to the customer throughout the products lifecycle, but it also increases the opportunities for malicious actors. At AFRY we are experts at developing secure products and helping you in securing your products and connected services. 

Manufactured connected products with complex supply chains come with their own challenges. There are examples of malicious actors exploiting vulnerabilities in all stages of a product's lifecycle, from adding harmful circuits in manufacturing to reading out confidential data from scrapped products. Risks must be managed in all the phases of the product's lifecycle, and we guide our customers to create more secure products by working through all stages, from product inception to decommissioning.  

With today’s evolving digital landscape, it is important to be able to swiftly introduce new functionality to products and services. To do this without introducing unreasonable risk it is important to build security throughout the development cycle in harmony with any existing development processes. At AFRY we have expertise within agile methodologies and frameworks, such as Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, as well as experience on how to combine agile practices with security practices to build secure connected products that can meet the demand on the market. 

We will help you to instill confidence in the security of your products. We will provide actionable insights, critical vulnerability data and remediation guidance. With these insights you can gain control of product security, both in your connected devices and in the supply chain. 


  • GAP-analysis 
  • Architecture analysis 
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis 
  • Education and awareness 
  • Secure coding practices 
  • DevSecOps 
  • Cybersecurity management development 
  • Hardening guidelines 
  • Identify cybersecurity relevance and problems 
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Secure product development

Helping to secure software and products with the best benchmarks and standards, and assist teams in developing secure software.
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Penetration Testing

Regular Penetration Testing will enable your organization to assess which IT and OT vulnerabilities can be exploited in your organization's attack surface, and, further, to prioritize which vulnerabilities need quick mitigation.
Yngve Neselius  - Senior Consultant, Product & Info security
Yngve Neselius
Senior Consultant, Product & Info security

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