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Product Development

Sound is crucial to attractive brands

What makes your customers choose your product instead of a competitor’s? One of the most important factors is how the product is perceived and here is where sound and vibration play a crucial role.

That is why leading product development companies focus on making their key values recognisable in the sound design as well. All to give rise to the right sentiment and build an attractive brand.

If a button makes a sound when you press it, what type of sound is it and what does it say about the product and the brand? Is it a sound that distinguishes the product from the competitors’ or does it sound the same? If you want your product to stand out while creating a long-term relationship with your customers, great care must be taken with the audio characteristics. They are among the most important unconscious purchase criteria when a consumer chooses to buy a particular product. For example, leading car manufacturers invest major resources into ensuring that the right sound is heard when the car door is shut and that the acoustics inside the car are pleasant. It is not always the one that is loudest or quietest that gives the best impression.

Consciously working with sound affects how customers perceive different products. To succeed, it is all about meeting the right needs and making the right demands. You need a secure, reliable partner to give your product the right sound, vibration, and service life.


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