Close up of a 3D printer in action

Production Center

Product Development with small volume production capability

Production Center has specialist expertise in high quality production for smaller series of electronics units. Production Center has established products in the market and established platforms and customers.

We conduct design, development and small-scale high-quality production. Today, a number of projects and serial deliveries are underway for customers in the industry, aeronautics, marine and defense industries. The products include sound systems, support systems, pilot microphones, moisture control systems and the production of electronics units for underwater systems.

Established routines and processes to handle quality level set by the authorities and by the customers. The processes include vendor management and evaluation, continuous improvement, review, export control regulations, internal and external audits, resource management, sales and marketing, R&D, testing tools and calibration.

Key offerings
  • High quality small-scale production and R&D including all parts in product development
  • Complete box build with PCB coating and casting
  • Wiring and contracting and harnessing, design and manufacturing
  • Mechanical machining and assembly
  • Production test, functional test, FAI Packaging, delivery and control.
  • Maintenance & Support

Tommy Ahlsved

Section Manager, Production Center