Cloud solutions

PRS systems

Digitalised Quality Management packaged in a cloud based platform.  

The PRS system is a packaged solution supporting companies to increase efficiency and minimise cost when faced with the ever-increasing amount of regulations and legislations on a global market.  

Companies that develop and produce products have large amounts of data that must be collected, analysed and distributed internally and externally towards customers, suppliers or authorities for various reasons.   

The t PRS system applications are web-based communication and information platforms designed for traceable, customised and transparent data management both between internal stakeholders and suppliers.   

With AFRY and the PRS systems all relevant data will be efficiently collected with a high collection rate and expected benefits such as time, cost and risk reduction due to improved operational efficiency, communication and cross-functional collaboration.   

AFRY offers over 20 different modules for various purposes and industries and have been achieving operational excellence since 2010.   

Our most popular modules:
  • Chemical compliance: REACH, RoHS, CLP/GHS, battery directive, conflict minerals, food contact materials, PoPs, animal origin, black and grey lists.
  • Supplier quality assurance: CSR, compliance and quality assurance in supply chains are important for product developing and manufacturing companies   
  • Quality assurance: Communication and management of product and parts data used in quality assurance process 
  • Supply chain management: supply chain mapping and risk analysis in order to secure business continuity and increase supply chain traceability and transparency  
    Sustainability: Measuring, analysis and monitoring of sustainable business performance indicators (social, environmental, economic) of a company 



Jacob Rydholm

Business Unit Manager, Specialized Operational Excellence