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Pulp Industry

The pulp mills of today are developing into integrated biorefineries, where utilisation of all process side-streams is considered from the early design phases.

AFRY offers strong business, technology, and process know-how for clients in the pulp industry. Our market insight and strategic advisory capabilities on global pulp-related business are unique. We have a track record in this industry that spans over 6 decades. We are proud to have been involved in the implementation of 90% of the world's largest pulp mills, and in countless rebuilds and expansion projects, many of these for long-term repeat clients.

The demand of pulp continues to increase driven by demographic changes and overall economic growth. The rapid evolution of e-commerce and increasing focus on sustainability are contributing positively to the need of fiber-based packaging materials. Although there is a continuing decline in many of the traditional paper grades, the growth in packaging and hygiene products, as well as the strongly growing pulp demand in China, will balance out the deficit and keep up the demand.

This traditional business is reshaping and transforming into new areas, where new partnerships and opportunities take form. Pulp is an intermediate product that is further processed into higher-value consumables. The traditional ones are products like paper, packaging, tissue, and also textiles.

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With advancing technologies, many new value-added end uses are emerging from the pulping process or its side streams. These products will have all the properties we now look for in fossil-based materials but without the carbon footprint. This “pulp revolution” will help us to reduce our CO2 emissions and the dependency on fossil materials. We will see an exponential growth of new bioproducts in areas such as construction, transportation, energy, a multitude of consumer products and in food and pharma. The convergence of industries brings in new players to the biorefining industry, creating new partnerships and opportunities along the value chains.

Understanding the pulp industry value chains, and the pulping and biorefining processes is a strong part of our heritage. AFRY is a world leader in forest industry consulting and engineering and has been the partner of choice for the majority of global pulp producers for decades. The pulp industry is very capital intensive, and we pride ourselves in having fulfilled the expectations with a track record of delivering projects on time, with a successful ramp-up curve.

We are committed to serving our clients from the early strategic development phases to big CAPEX implementation projects and rebuilds, to smaller operational phase support assignments.

Our clients include companies small and large, from novel bio-product start-ups, investors, and private equity firms to family-owned manufacturing companies and global pulp and paper giants.

The sharp industry insight, the lasting solutions we design, and the processes that are created to be energy and resource-efficient, all contribute to an economically and environmentally sustainable outcome.

In all AFRY projects, we also enforce the most stringent HSE standards and have a zero accident policy.


Our key competences

  • Pulp mill technologies, design and logistics
  • Woodhandling
  • Pulping lines
  • Bleaching chemicals
  • Chemicals recovery
  • Power plants and auxiliary operations (buildings, infra, water, etc)
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Did you know?

In a state-of-the art pulp mill the total value of side streams and saleable energy can exceed 15% of total revenue.
Visa Moilanen - Head of Pulp & Paper business
Visa Moilanen
Head of Pulp & Paper business

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