Nuclear wet storage

Radioactive Waste Management

Waste Management

An important part of nuclear power production includes the short and long-term management of radioactive waste. The management of radioactive waste is a complex and demanding challenge. We at AFRY have the expertise and experience required to provide you with the best possible solutions. We have many years of experience with the management of operational waste, waste from decommissioning and spent fuel.

Typical areas of operational support:

  • Concept development
  • Engineering, licensing, procedures and techniques
  • Classification and inventory of materials and radioactive wastes   
  • Radiology and free release
  • Safety and dose assessments
  • Interim and final storage facilities

Radioactive waste management in deep geological repositories

AFRY covers all aspects of deep geological disposal from case studies to public relations. We have supported national organizations worldwide with the management of radioactive waste in matters concerning the deep geological disposal since the 1980's conducting anything from small case studies to analyse, e.g., a particular petrophysical process, to all-encompassing scenario analyses for entire repositories. 

In addition to doing scientific work, we support the organizations in the challenging tasks of public relations and licensing. As of today, our clients are domiciled in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland.

The services we provide include: 

  • Definition of features, events and processes and scenario development for geological radioactive waste repositories.
  • Geological and hydrogeological site characterization.
  • Numerical radiological safety analysis for nearfield release, geosphere transport and dose calculation.
  • Surveys on scientific, socio-economic and legal issues of radioactive waste disposal.
  • Studies on chemo-toxic waste compatibility.
  • Safety analyses for deep geological repositories in clay, salt and granite formations.
  • Numerical modelling of the release and transport of radionuclides and chemical contaminants.
Dénes József
Head of Nuclear, Energy Division

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