Real Digital Twin

Real Digital Twin

AFRY’s Real Digital Twin creates an exact digital twin of your production. By emulating plant modifications in a 100% accurate digital copy on signal level of your production environment. This results in elimination of unnecessary downtime during commissioning and ramp-up. 

AFRY’s Real Digital Twin value lies in its targeting of a very specific and persistent problem: downtime due to inconsistent quality and unpredictable upcoming faults during production changeovers and re-starts. Goal is to achieve up to 75% faster commissioning and ramp-up by implementation of RDT. 

By combining AFRY’s industry-leading real-time data handling, analysis and production capabilities with a unique Software framework, powered by Siemens,  we have the ability emulate the production cell at signal level to radically reduce down time, servicing and turn-around times for production facilities across all industries and sectors. AFRY’s solution is a SW as a service that helps the customer to take next step in their digital journey with the tools of driving cost reduction and increase efficiency. The service also enables all employees to interact with the technology by training.  

RVS (Siemens)

Real Virtual Commissioning - At the forefront of simulation technology 

Real Virtual Commissioning (RVC) is usually the first application for the digital twin. It creates an exact digital copy of your production system including machines, sensors, and actuators. RVC enables control before making changes to the actual plant. With RVC, you can run 100% of operational testing without production stops when building or modifying a plant, which eliminates unnecessary downtime (both planned and unplanned) during commissioning and ramp-up. 

It’s possible to  achieve up to 75% time and cost savings during  commissioning and ramp-up due to early digitalization and opportunity to mitigate risks and delays before they have an impact.

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