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Recovered Paper

We are the leading advisor to the paper recycling industry and all its stakeholders. AFRY’s sector focused expertise is uniquely positioned supported by both engineering and investment banking teams.

Recovered paper represents significantly over half of the fibre needs for the paper industry, making it essential for the modern day industry. It’s significance cannot be underplayed. Did you know that “If, over the last decade, had we made virgin paper instead of all the recycled paper made globally, we would have consumed the growth of an additional forest of almost five million square kilometres - that is larger than the landmass of the entire European Union”

The recovered paper industry is dynamic, and needs to react to a variety of external forces. For example: China has imported very significant volumes of recovered paper for some time now, mainly as a fibre source for its burgeoning corrugated packaging sector. Recent restrictions on imports provide challenges for Chinese producers and depressed prices for the those trading the material. Another example would be the changing composition of recovered paper – as we consume more packaging and less newspapers, this inevitably changes what is collected from households and supplier to paper mills.

The industry needs to continue to adapt to these changes. AFRY works with both buyers and sellers on this and to those looking to understand the market better, finding solutions and enabling clients to position themselves for the future.

Key offerings:
  • Corporate and business strategy, and implementation
  • Feasibility studies and investment advisory
  • Market insight and modelling
  • Operational and business excellence
  • Investment assessments
  • Transactions and due diligence
  • Raw material supply and procurement strategies
  • Expert witness services
David Powlson - Director Bioindustry, AFRY Management Consulting
David Powlson
Director Bioindustry, AFRY Management Consulting

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