Downstream close up view of weir at the Ruppoldingen Hydro Power Plant

Run-of-River Power Plants

Making use of a constantly flowing water supply

Run-of-River power plants are generally embedded in the course of an existing river and make an important contribution to covering the base load of electricity by taking advantage of a constantly flowing water supply. The complex construction projects, located in an existing body of water, require an optimum plant design that takes into account the basic hydrological, geotechnical and logistical site conditions. Difficult construction conditions due to tight spaces, flood risks and pits in a flow, provide a challenging task for specialists which requires careful planning and design of run-of-river power plants while minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment and preserving natural habitats.

The opening of the right river side weir during construction.

The often-competing requirements of energy generation, flood protection, sediment transport and ecology have to be optimized for the development of run-of-river schemes. AFRY has extensive experience in such complex and interdisciplinary issues and can support you to make the most out of your project. Our experts provide solutions not only for the design of new hydropower plants but also for the rehabilitation of existing run-of-river schemes and conversions during ongoing operation.

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