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The energy markets are facing significant transformations, driven by the highly innovative and changing environment due to the development and growth of new technologies in the field of distributed generation, storage, electric vehicles and flexible loads. In this context, energy utilities are expanding their range of activities with a growing focus on services and final customers while new entrants are acquiring large market shares in new and disruptive business models.

With new technologies and increasing digitization, customers have the opportunity to reduce costs and meet ambitious sustainability targets by actively participating in energy markets through a more transparent and personalized relationship with electricity and gas suppliers.

Utilities are likely to lose their dominant position and face a transformation path, while, at the same time, new players are entering the market with innovative products and services.

The regulatory environment represents a key enabler for the development of these new business models and having a deep understanding of country-specific regulations and market design evolution concepts is crucial to identify the optimal strategy.

New assets, more difficult to be valued, are becoming increasingly attractive for traditional energy players, whose goal is not only to acquire physical assets anymore, but rather new technologies, software platforms, innovative and specific competences or even business ideas with associated market shares.

In this highly challenging context, how is it possible to develop successful innovative strategies?

Thanks to its global presence, specific knowledge of the energy markets and constant monitoring of the most innovative solutions, AFRY is the ideal partner to define and implement innovative product and service strategies.

  • Development and implementation of new business models:
    - demand response and demand side management;
    - energy storage;
    - digital energy management;
    - e-mobility;
    - digital O&M;
    - Internet of Things;
    - smart metering; and
    - others.
  • Entry strategies in the market.
  • Scouting and monitoring of start-ups and business accelerators.
  • Strategies and business plans.
  • Digital marketing.
More than 500 innovative start-ups have been analysed by AFRY Management Consulting
AFRY Management Consulting has been involved in due diligence regarding innovative businesses for an overall company value of > €7bn in 2017-18 alone

AFRY (former Pöyry) commits to supporting its clients with the ever changing project challenge's. TIWAG appreciates AFRY’s experienced employees involved in the different phases of our projects.

Johann Herdina, Member of the Board of Directors, TIWAG - Tiroler Wasserkraft AG
Antonio Nodari - VP Energy, AFRY Management Consulting
Antonio Nodari
VP Energy, AFRY Management Consulting

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