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Sawmill Industry

Digitalization has revolutionized the sawmill industry taking resource efficiency to a new level. 

AFRY provides a full range of advisory, engineering, and project implementation services for the sawmill industry clients in all phases of their business lifecycle.

All over the world, timber, wood, and engineered wood are continuously becoming more attractive as materials, and the use of wood is increasing. A driver in Europe is also The Green Deal, which stimulates more sustainable ways of building to reduce the carbon footprint and the high CO2 emissions of the construction industry.

Wood is a natural, renewable, and sustainable material with unique material properties. With the building sector being a high carbon emitter, using timber and wood, which actually stores carbon, is part of the solution towards zero emissions.

The wood products industry is undergoing digital reform at high speed. Digitalization enables efficiency throughout the value chain. From forestry and raw material sourcing, forestry practices, through the entire logistical production chain to the end product at retailers.


a forest machine cutting trees in a forest

Although sawmills still turn logs into wood products, modern technology has revolutionized the operations at sawmills. Advanced machinery and a high degree of sophisticated automation are improving overall efficiency at every step of the process. High-speed lumber sorting systems, machine vision, lasers and scanners guide the logs on tracks and optimise the cutting process, determine the grade and guide to the optimal way to cut the logs, ensuring high resource efficiency.

From Initial Phases to Implementation

Our track record of advisory and engineering services in the forest industry and related sectors spans more than six decades. Understanding wood in all its forms is a part of our heritage. We are an experienced partner for sawmill investment projects from the very initial phases through to all engineering disciplines and full project implementation services.

Capturing the potential of digitalization is an integral way of our engineering approach. At AFRY we continuously improve the utilization of data and digital technologies to optimize project execution and to ensure that the engineering data (ET) is available in one single source from the early project phases to the operational phase, enriched with operational data (OT). This ensures the client full visibility and access to all up-to-date technical details in all phases of a project through to start-up and operations.

Visa Moilanen - Head of Pulp & Paper business
Visa Moilanen
Head of Pulp & Paper business

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