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Secure Development

Helping to secure software and products with the best benchmarks and standards, and assist teams in developing secure software.

The security landscape changes rapidly, and it may be difficult to keep up with the threats, risks and mitigations that are needed to properly secure your software. Assisting the software development process with a security mindset will ensure optimal resilience against the security threats of tomorrow.

We help you to secure products and software by using the best benchmarks and security standards on the market. With a broad and updated knowledgebase, we are the perfect addition to your team.  

Within Secure development we offer:

- Cyber Security Assessment for Software services

- Security Testing (eg Pentest)

- Secure Development Education

- Secure the Development tool chain

- Secure Process Development

- Risk Mitigation

- Risk Assessment

- Threat Analysis

- Information Security Standards (ISO27001)

- Security Debt Planning

- Breach Action Planning

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Cyber Security Assessment for Software services

By using the most well-known standards and benchmarks in the IT-security industry, we perform a systematic and technical assessment of an application or a product that you have created.
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Penetration Testing

Regular Penetration Testing will enable your organisation to assess which IT and OT vulnerabilities can be exploited in your organisation's attack surface, and, further, to prioritise which vulnerabilities need quick mitigation.
Yngve Neselius  - Senior Consultant, Product & Info security
Yngve Neselius
Senior Consultant, Product & Info security

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