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Smart Forestry

Get more out of your forest assets through AFRY's Smart Forestry software solutions, consultancy and services.

Digital solutions are key enablers for new approaches and methods for sustainable forest management and efficient forestry operations. We help you manage your forestry assets based on in-depth data despite the complexity of the forest supply chain and the ecosystem around it. Let us show you how forest management operations can be improved and costs reduced with the help of cutting-edge software combined with artificial intelligence.

AFRY Smart Forestry combines novel software, the latest forestry technology and modern forestry techniques. Our products bring reliability to your decisions by mapping, optimising, monitoring and continuously learning about the life cycle and functions in forest supply chains with the goal of improved forest management operations. With sustainable forest management strategies and practices, we help you reach the objectives set for your forest assets - in a sustainable way.

The path to a brighter future is paved by decisions based on accurate data.

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New product launched!
We have released Planner, a tool for creating effective forest management strategies, in Finland!

In Finnish: Olemme julkaisseet uuden tuotteemme Plannerin Suomessa! Planner auttaa sinua laatimaan tehokkaita metsänhoidon strategioita. Tietoa Plannerista saatavilla suomeksi täältä.

Smart Forestry Introduction
With our know-how in forestry and software development, we offer solutions and consulting to help you develop your forest operations sustainably and profitably.

Optimise your forest resource utilisation for multiple objectives

Based on our clients' objectives, we use the best available Smart Forestry practices to optimise their forest resource utilisation. Each optimisation case depends on various variables, such as economic performance, carbon sequestration or biodiversity. Our Smart Forestry solutions include, for example:

  • Forestry management software solutions for both tactical and strategic planning as well as fleet monitoring, powered by data analytics
  • Scalable forest asset inventory solutions delivered through data from various sources – from precise drone inventory to large-scale satellite mapping – processed with AI and combined with ground reference data
  • Forest asset modelling, simulation and optimisation
  • Increased forest supply chain visibility, monitoring and continuous optimisation in a mixed machinery environment, improving harvest scheduling as an example
  • Integrating different organisational objectives and values into adaptive forest management planning
  • Operational excellence KPIs and forecasts on visualised dashboards for supporting decision making
  • Forest carbon sequestration balance and forecast
  • Global pulp, paper and raw-material database portals
  • Forest management information systems that support communication between strategic stakeholders, including forest owners, and empower forest managers with robust tools to manage and process forest data
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Our solutions suit both individuals and organisations operating or investing in the forest sector

  • Forest investors, forest owners and forest managers, operation planners and managers and other forestry professionals
  • Forest management organisations, forest industries, forest funds, regional and national governmental agencies, international organisations, schools and universities, and wood procurement departments

For detailed information please contact:

Jussi Rasinmäki - Head of Smart Forestry

Jussi Rasinmäki

Head of Smart Forestry

Contact Jussi Rasinmäki

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Jack Lonsdale - Senior Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

Jack Lonsdale

Senior Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

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