Close-up view of insulators at a substation

Smart Grids

Smart Energy Infrastructure

Enabling energy efficiency, utilities operational excellence and renewables integration.

The introduction of state-of-the-art Smart Grids technology represents a major technological and cultural change within the energy sector worldwide. The introduction of modern technology and distributed energy is transforming the traditional radial one-direction energy flow, optimising the performance of the utilities and changing services for clients and their relationship with energy. There are multiple proven benefits of this new technology, ranging from network performance efficiency improvement to the introduction of new features for clients to optimise their electricity use.

Therefore, approaches to Smart Grids strategic development (i.e. strategic roadmap, feasibility studies, etc.) must not only address technological aspects but also cover in-depth other areas, among them economic, social and regulatory contexts.

Our integrated Smart Grids portfolio of services provides a global and integral 360° vision to our clients for the development of an efficient smart energy infrastructure, comprising technical solutions, adaptations in the regulatory framework, cost/benefit analysis, utilities’ organisation and social consumers’ conditions.

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