Infra-Buildings, structural building engineering

Structural building engineering

Strong, safe and functional buildings

Structural building engineering involves a great deal of informed choices regarding the materials, shapes and dimensions of a building, its foundation and shell.

Strength and durability is of course of paramount importance. Buildings must be structurally safe when subjected to the loads they will experience. The weight of human beings, furniture and machinery, for instance, or the forces of wind, rain, snow. But construction design also involves many functional aspects, financial considerations and a strong customer focus. Our constructions must cater to the requirements of end users – demands that vary a great deal and may change. Buildings must be designed to allow for technical installations, such as electrics and ventilation, to be easily accessible when they need to be replaced or added to.

Structural engineers also consider the comfort of the people using the building, such as sway, vibrations or fluctuations in temperature. And last but not least: construction costs must be reasonable, when it comes to the initial investment as well as the entire life cycle, and environmental impact needs to be considered.

Achieving all this in complex modern buildings requires specialist knowledge. In AFRY, we have expert competence in structural engineering, building construction related calculation and analysis, and we work with partners up to governmental level to ensure the integrity of all types of structures, from housing, hospitals and commercial buildings to factories and terminals.