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AFRY has worked with close to all major tissue producers in an advisory capacity, in engineering, project implementation or in operations improvement.

The tissue industry shows stable ongoing growth, driven by economic and population growth as well as improving living and hygienic standards. The COVID-19 pandemic hit mostly the Away-from-Home (AfH) segment with the travel, hotel and restaurant businesses struggling hard and with the offices and public spaces being at least half empty. At-Home (AH) products, such as toilet paper, kitchen towels and facials/hankies, saw a rise in consumption, partly due to hoarding but also due to people spending more time at home. Increased hygiene awareness played a role in the increase as well.

The tissue production process is relatively energy consuming and fairly tied to fossils (gas) due to the nature of the process. Improving efficiency, new technologies and solutions are therefore high on the agenda for tissue producers as authorities and consumer expectations are driving improved performance and eco-friendlier products. The industry is also still quite fragmented, so merger and acquisition activity will continue.Finding the most sustainable production processes, the sourcing of raw materials and looking into alternative feedstock will be in focus for the tissue industry going forward.

Consumer behavior and the demand put on the characteristics for tissue are also of interest. Balancing the use of recycled fibre versus virgin pulp, or alternative feedstock like bamboo that is seen in China, can affect the type of tissue we will see on shelves in the future.

Our tissue sector expertise covers business strategies adapted for a variety of technologies and a deep understanding of tissue and hygiene product markets throughout the value chain. AFRY offers strong competence in the implementation of state-of-the-art tissue production facilities, in accordance with the best available technology and updated market trends supporting the strategic initiatives of our clients.


João Cordeiro - Head of Pulp & Paper
João Cordeiro
Head of Pulp & Paper

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