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Helping clients with all aspects of energy trading and risk management. Whether you need to create a new trading organisation, improve your supporting analytics or enter new markets our experts are ready to help you.

Energy trading has undergone great change in recent years and, above all, has massively increased its complexity. But even here, the effects of the energy transition will not stop. If in the future more and more electricity is generated decentrally, less and less volume runs through the wholesalers, and at the same time the complexity continues to increase - what will future energy trading look like? How do you have to position yourself to buy primary energy on the world's commodity markets as a global player and, on the other hand, to offer local prosumers a suitable platform?

We advise energy traders, balancing group managers and energy buyers of industrial companies with regard to all market and regulatory issues.

  • development of a trading business unit;
  • sourcing & procurement strategy;
  • risk management system;
  • market analysis;
  • steering model;
  • generation optimization;
  • portfolio management; and
  • efficiency programs & reorganisation.
90% of the key energy utilities and investors in Europe ask AFRY Management Consulting for regular advice
25% of global Fortune 500 companies have relied upon our services

Long cooperation with AFRY (former Pöyry) has proven to be a crucial support to us when Gasum is expanding its Nordic gas ecosystem. AFRY’s competences, experience and novel approach to challenges stems from the 60-years presence in the industry and we would like to congratulate AFRY on this success.

Ari Suomilammi, Director, Biogas Production and Sourcing, Gasum
Jan Wierzba - Director, AFRY Management Consulting
Jan Wierzba
Director, AFRY Management Consulting

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