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Waste to Energy

AFRY has decades of experience in biological and thermal waste treatment as well as landfill design and circular economy projects.

A well-functioning municipal waste management must have a wide range of means at its disposal, and the utilisation of waste in energy production is one of the most important solutions, in addition to reducing the amount of waste and utilising output materials. 

We develop solutions for our customers based on the utilisation of waste and sludge for energy. We are Europe's leading designer of waste-to-energy plants, and many of the solid-fuel power plants we design have also been built with multi-fuel boilers, where it is also possible to use recycled fuels. We have also been actively developing the recovery and utilisation of landfill gas and biogas since the 1980s. We manage different plant solutions as well as combustion and flue gas cleaning technologies. Recently, we have been involved in circular economy projects where plastic recycling is part of the concept.

Our expertise covers the entire waste management industry, from strategic waste management planning to plant-like treatment and disposal. We offer consulting, project development and project implementation services for the following areas:

  • Design and application for the use of waste in energy
  • Preparation and evaluation of economic and business planning
  • Exploration of technology options
  • Waste collection planning and optimisation
  • Investment and operating cost estimates
  • Environmental impact assessment and permitting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept and pre-engineering of plant investments
  • OE and EPCM services for implementation projects
  • Evaluation and optimisation of existing plants
  • Risk management
  • Combustion optimisation and flue gas cleaning technologies
  • Measurement and testing services
  • Sludge treatment systems
  • Biogas, anaerobic digestion
  • Circular Economy
  • Hazardous Waste Incineration
  • Technical due diligence services for sellers, buyers and lenders of WtE plants

Whole Life Cycle Experience with Utility Background

AFRY has strong roots in working with utility companies thus possessing full understanding of whole life cycle of power plants, including operation and maintenance.

AFRY is one of very few engineering consultants with a proven track record of delivering full Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services on complex projects. Our EPCM approach can unlock significant additional value for our clients. We continue to receive valuable feedback from our ongoing Owner’s Engineer and EPCM projects.

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Waste to Energy

Did you know?

  • For more than 50 years, AFRY have been involved in more than 400 projects that have developed energy solutions that utilise waste.
  • AFRY have been involved in the design and implementation of 135 waste-to-energy plants worldwide with a combined production capacity of 20 million tonnes per year.
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Waste to Energy Consulting

Peter Kling
Head of Waste to Energy and Bioenergy

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