Windfarm with clear dark sky

Wind Power

Highly qualified services in all stages of the wind power life cycle

AFRY has more than 25 years of combined experience in the wind sector developing services such as site screening, Energy Yield Assessments, Technical and Commercial Due Diligence, Owner’s Engineer services, and Technical Advisory for O&M in wind farms totalling over 30,000 MW.

Wind farm in the North sea on the coast of United Kingdom

We are a leading provider of electricity market studies and market price forecasts.

Our thorough understanding of energy markets and regulatory frameworks worldwide gives us a unique position to support clients in entering new markets as well as deciding on their strategy options and acquisition targets.

We also provide multidisciplinary expert services for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, permitting and licensing procedures, Land Use Planning, and Environmental Due Diligence.

Our track record, resulting from our multidisciplinary and experienced employees around the world, enable us to provide you with the technical, economic and environmental services in order to guarantee comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

Our wind services include:

  • Commercial and market advisory services
  • Site identification and selection
  • Wind measurements and Energy Yield Assessment
  • Environmental services and licensing
  • Project development
  • Technical, Commercial and Environmental Due Diligence
  • Engineering and procurement
  • Project management
  • Construction monitoring
  • Operation and maintenance advisory services

Esa Holttinen

Global Sales Director, Wind Power

Peter Plug

Deputy Head and Strategy, Energy Division