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Wood Products

We are the leading advisor for the global wood products industry and all its stakeholders along the decorative and structural value chain.

This includes investors (banks and private equity), suppliers of equipment, chemicals and decor paper as well as customers in furniture, doors, flooring, packaging and construction.

Wood-based panels

Wood-based panels are used in construction and in many decorative end-use applications such as furniture, flooring, doors and interior decoration. Future demand for wood-based panels is projected to grow, driven by investments in both construction (new-build and renovation) and furniture, complemented by positive substitution trends compared to other non-woody materials. In addition, paper based surfacing materials and non-paper based surfaces in decorative end-use applications.

The future of wood-based panels also comes with a number of challenges e.g. wood fibre availability, product innovation or new formaldehyde emission levels. Only companies who are able to find answers and solutions to these and many other questions will be among the winners in the wood-based panel industry. Future challenges will also drive changes to the industry structure, as M&A activity is expected to increase, driving industry consolidation, while new companies with innovative products arise.

Wood based surface view with windows in background

Wood-based panels and surfacing materials up to 2028

Read more about in changes in the industry landscape in the 2024 version of the AFRY Long-Term Outlook for wood-based panels and surfacing materials.

Solid wood

Solid wood or sawnwood/lumber are used in construction and in many other end-use applications such as flooring, packaging etc. Changes in building regulations, governments' green agendas and increasing focus on sustainability will lead to demand growth of sawnwood and other engineered wood products, due to higher construction spending.

The sawnwood/lumber industry structure is still very fragmented and provides opportunities for investors to drive the consolidation process. The leading sawnwood producers in Europe are highly backwards and forwards integrated, focusing on production of sawnwood and value added products e.g. CLT, gluelam and construction solutions.

We are the preferred advisor along the solid wood and sawnwood value chain and work with key decision makers at our client organisations.

Key offerings

Corporate and business strategy, and implementation

  • Feasibility studies and investment advisory
  • Market insight and market modelling
  • Replacement cost valuation
  • Operational and business excellence
  • Investment assessments and monitoring
  • Transactions and due diligence
  • (Re-)Financing support
  • Raw material supply and procurement strategies
  • Market entry support for new products
  • Expert witness services

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