Wind turbines in the snow

AFRY European Power Market Conference


From: 17-January-2023 To: 17-January-2023

Keep calm and carry on...

The UK says hello to the New Carolean Age whilst the politics of Europe shifts right and economies flirt with recession.

Decarbonisation has lodged in the middle classes, but is it being sacrificed as a result of controlling the costs of living?

Come and join the AFRY team, other investors and developers as we explore the implications for Europe's power markets.

Why attend?

  • An exclusive free to attend, conference for AFRY's AIM Report clients
  • Engaging discussion, enlightening presentations
  • Meet the team 'behind the numbers'
  • Connect with other investors and developers
  • See a live demo of our BID3 model
  • A chance to feedback on AFRY's content: analysis, scenarios, sensitivities, deliverables, quality
Wind turbines in the snow

For more information, please contact Angus Paxton

Angus Paxton - Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

Angus Paxton

Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

Contact Angus Paxton

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