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AI summit in Malmö


From: 17-November-2022 09:00 CET To: 17-November-2022 13:00 CET

We would like to welcome you to our AI summit in Malmö on the 17th of November!

Date: Thursday, 17th November 2022

Time: 09:00-13:00

Place: AFRY, Hallenborgs gata 4, Malmö


The event, which will be held in English, will include three keynote speakers that will all discuss the usage of AI in different aspect:

  • Pontus Wärnestål, award-winning Service Designer and Human-Computer Interaction researcher, talking about how to design AI with humans in mind

  • Anna Petersson, Head of Innovation at HighFive and Program Manager for AI.m, talking about how the power of AI can create innovative solutions and how the alignment with business targets creates truly competitive and sustainable advantages

  • Mathias Lindbro, Artificial Intelligence Advisor/Strategist and member of Catalyst Advisory Program at Emerj AI Research Boston, Massachusetts, talking about AI Leadership


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Participation in the event is free of charge
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Pontus Wärnestål

Pontus is an award-winning Service Designer and Human-Computer Interaction researcher with 20 years of experience in User Experience, Service Design, and Human-Centered AI. He is the author of more than 40 scientific papers and he earned the Associate Professor (Docent) degree in June 2018 from Halmstad University, where he works at the intersection of Service and UX Design and Artificial Intelligence. In 2022, Pontus became Adjunct Professor at Woxsen University in India

Pontus works as the Design Director at inUse, part of AFRY X, focusing on Service Design and Human-Centered AI. Pontus’ book “Designing AI-Powered Services” came out in Swedish in 2021 and has been translated to English, with a release in September of 2022

Anna Petersson

Anna is innovation and business lead in the AI.m program, where she’s been leading the work with approximately 30 companies to give them a higher understanding for how AI can empower their business through service and business design. She leads the multidisciplinary teams including both researchers and industry professionals where each company’s existing business is in focus. The program identifies business needs, customer journeys and customized AI solutions that result in testable and concrete prototypes

Anna has a background in larger corporations as well as from the start-up world, where she had different roles in marketing, business development, business management as well as an owner and angel investor


Anna Petersson
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Mathias Lindbro

Mathias is a committed business architect actively working as an AI advisor/AI strategist. He is determined that AI initiatives must be driven by the business value added, instead of buzz or hype. Leaders must possess the skills to track a constantly changing world so he passionately talks about distributed leadership, teams working both internally and externally to achieve their goals and AI solutions that can help leaders develop these skills

Mathias runs his own company Nextevo (Next phase of Evolution) which he started after many years as the founder and CEO of another IT consultancy company

Watch a short clip of one of Pontus Wärneståls earlier presentations below:

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