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Book launch event: Designing AI-powered services


From: 23-November-2022 16:00 CET To: 23-November-2022 19:00 CET

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Date: Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Time: 16:00–19:00 CET

Where: Norrsken House  Birger Jarlsgatan 57 C, Stockholm

Welcome to a conversation about AI, design and creativity with author and researcher Pontus Wärnestål, and designer and author David De Léon. Artificial intelligence as an idea is over a thousand years old, but it is today that we see AI in reality. What does the industry need to develop tomorrow's services? Creating value using AI is not a technological problem, it's about creative collaborations between human-human as well as human-machine.

We will explore the topics of AI and Service Design to celebrate the publication of Designing AI-Powered Services, the latest book by Pontus Wärnestål.

The event will include a keynote speech by Pontus and a panel discussion to provoke thoughts on the topic.

Welcome to an inspiring and thought-provoking afternoon!

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Join us for our book release!

Limited seats
Pontus Wärnestål giving a speech

Pontus Wärnestål

Pontus is an award-winning Service Designer and Human-Computer Interaction researcher with 20 years of work experience in User Experience, Service Design, and Human-Centered AI. He is the author of more than 40 scientific papers. He earned the Associate Professor (Docent) degree in June 2018 at Halmstad University, where he works at the intersection of Service and UX Design and Artificial Intelligence. In 2022, Pontus became Adjunct Professor at Woxsen University in India.

Pontus works as the Design Director at inUse, part of AFRY X, focusing on Service Design and Human-Centered AI. Pontus’ book “Designing AI-Powered Services” came out in Swedish in 2021 and has been translated to English, being released in September 2022.

David de Léon

David de Léon is a UX designer with 25 years of academic and industry experience. He worked almost a decade for Sony Ericsson with design and innovation of mobile phone interfaces and almost a decade as a Director of UX Design at inUse. You may recognize him as the frequent host of the conference “From Business to Buttons,” where he has interviewed some of the world’s most influential designers and design thinkers.

David has a PhD in cognitive science and has taught and lectured about design for both academia and industry, most recently for IKEA, Google and Ericsson. In his spare time he writes design books, his most recent being “The shortest book about creativity that I could write,” that will receive a sequel next year.

Anna fellander

Anna Felländer

Anna Felländer is one of Sweden’s leading experts on the effects of digitalization on organisations, society and the economy. She has long been passionate about making meaning from data. As Head of Financial Analysis at the crisis management office of the Prime Minister of Sweden during the financial crisis of 2008, Anna learned that a multidisciplinary perspective can uncover insights and concealed patterns that traditional statistics can’t. Later, as an advisor to the Swedish government and as the Chief Economist at Swedbank, her key research analysed the hidden values of digitalization from an economic, societal and business perspective.

Cecilia Clase

Cecillia Clase is a partner, board member and one of the founders of Koncept TIM, which was started in 1996 and is today established as one of Sweden's leading architectural firms. She has been the driving force in developing Koncept's unique way of working, where each project is based on the customer's brand and business. Cecilia has very broad experience in offices, commerce and housing, where the focus in recent years has been on brand buildings and urban development. She has extensive experience in developing new business ideas and leading large teams in complex projects

Cecilia Clase
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