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Digital Forestry & Protecting Biodiversity


From: 22-September-2022 14:30 CEST To: 22-September-2022 19:00 CEST

AFRY, CollectiveCrunch and Trimble warmly invite you to the “Digital Forestry & Protecting Biodiversity” event!

In this event hosted by CollectiveCrunch, we will discuss the state of forestry right now, and how digitalisation can help us manage and protect our forests. More specifically, deriving value from digitalisation, managing smart forests sustainably and driving our understanding of biodiversity with AI.

Forests cover approximately 30% of the Earth's land area and they host around 80% of its biodiversity. Forests cover a large part of our land area and provide essential ecosystem services for us, like carbon sequestration, timber and air purification. Undoubtedly, forests are an important part of Earth’s biodiversity and thus need to be protected.

Join us on 22 September to discuss these important trends and challenges of the international forestry industry. Representing AFRY, Antti Mäkinen from AFRY X Smart Forestry will share his thoughts at 16:35 local time.

This event is free of charge and it will be held at Lumituuli auditorium at Dipoli (main building of Aalto University, Otaniemi Campus), located in Espoo. Registration will be open from 15:30⁠–15:50. The event will start at 16:00 with presentations, presentations continuing until 18:15, followed by food and drinks from 18:15–20:00.


15:30 - 15:50 Registration

16:00 Quick Intro - Rolf Schmitz, Co-Founder & CEO, CollectiveCrunch

16:05 - 16:20 - Petri Kuusisto, Founder, Impact Innovation Institute

16:20 - 16:35 - Niklas Kaskeala, Chief Impact Officer, Compensate

16:35 - 16:50 - Antti Mäkinen, Principal, AFRY

16:50 - 17:05 - Inka Musta, Co-Founder & CEO, Luontoa Consulting


15min - Break


17:20 - 17:35 - Mikael Beck, CEO, Conifer

17: 35 - 17:50 - Mika Korvenranta, Director of Product & Business Management, CollectiveCrunch

17:50 - 18:05 - Kevin Toohill, General Manager, Trimble Forestry

18:05 - 18:15 Conclusion (wrap up) - Rolf Schmitz, Co-Founder & CEO, CollectiveCrunch

18:15 - 20:00 Food & Drinks

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Antti Mäkinen - Principal

Antti Mäkinen


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