Close up of a cricket in a wheat field

Future Food


From: 12-May-2021 09:00 CEST To: 12-May-2021 10:00 CEST

AFRY and Mycorena

Join an inspirational webinar where experts from AFRY and Mycorena will create an innovative recipe to support companies throughout the food value chain in the development of the next-generation food products.

On May 12 at 9.00 CET, AFRY's experts from different fields will join forces with Mycorena, a renowned Gothenburg-based company that produces a food ingredient consisting of a vegan micro-fungus.

Together, the experts will share their experience around service- and production-systems of resource-efficient protein-based food products and present an integrated approach for designing such systems. They will discuss ways how to be innovative to remain competitive and to contribute to a more sustainable food industry with a product that appeals to the consumer.

Don’t miss this opportunity the learn more about how our future food systems will look like!

Close up of a cricket in a wheat field