Hydrogen fuel pump

Hydrogen development in Europe and MENA region



Hydrogen is currently facing a revival in international and cross-sectoral interest as the cost of technologies continues to decline and climate change ambitions expand. Production on a massive scale will be enabled if the costs of production and utilisation become competitive relative to other options as technologies mature and challenges in storage and transport are hurdled.  

Many countries and companies already recognise hydrogen as a powerful tool to decarbonise existing and new sources of energy demand and industrial processes, as evident in the formulation of national hydrogen policies and the increasing number of hydrogen projects. Germany, South Korea, and Japan are countries that most likely will be major demand centres; meanwhile, MENA are countries with promising potential for hydrogen given the latest developments in projects and policies as well as resources. AFRY interpret the hydrogen development in Europe and MENA region in this webinar from perspectives of demand and supply, policy-driven, resource and cost, etc. 

The slide pack in English and Chinese are below.

Hydrogen fuel pump

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