MIAC 2022 Exhibition and Conferences in Lucca, Italy


From: 12-October-2022 13:30 CEST To: 14-October-2022 12:40 CEST

MIAC 2022 is a Conference and Exhibition for technologies and machinery for the production of paper and paperboard as well as converting of tissue paper. It gives a full overview of the technology and equipment available to the paper industry sector.

We are proud to announce that all MIAC 2022 Conferences are organized in collaboration with AFRY and hosted by Mr Arne Kant, Senior Principal, Management Consulting at AFRY.

International Conferences offer very interesting and professional content to the Paper Mills and Tissue Converters technicians.

Participation in the MIAC 2022 Conferences is free of charge and simultaneous translation from Italian to English and vice versa is available for all the Conferences.

Tissue paper

MIAC Tissue Conference first session: Sustainable and competitve tissue manufacturing

Various sustainability requirements are increasing from both customers and regulators. To respond to this, tissue producers are addressing performance and efficiency in all steps of the supply chain adding requirements and expectations on the machinery suppliers. Topics regarding reduced emissions, sustainability in drying, data integration, improved control & diagnostics and many other themes impacting the competitiveness of the industry will be discussed in this session.

AFRY's Hampus Mörner will have a speech at the conference at 14:00 about "European competitive landscape". The presentation focus is on the European tissue industry that has lately gone through several eventful years. The new decade started with a market environment characterized by strong demand and deflationary cost environment to then turn into the current situation of normalized demand but inflationary cost environment. The challenging cost situation that started last year has only worsened during 2022. For the tissue sector this has primarily been visible in the form of surging energy- and fiber costs. Although the cost direction has been similar throughout the whole of Europe, the full impact has been different on a country level. Besides energy and fiber, shorter transport distances and security of supply are aspects that are increasingly focused. As trade flows are being redirected and more production capacity is continuously added, not only might some previous net import markets become self-sufficient, but the industry might even see a business environment where markets become more local. On top of these evolving market events, the European tissue industry is tackling the sustainability, cost, and availability challenges with technical solutions and innovations.

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MIAC Tissue Conference second session: End-to-end line integration and digitalization in tissue converting

Converting machine suppliers are increasingly offering integrated lines from jumbo reel to finished, packed, and palletized products. Digitalization, automated and remote-control systems is another area of development focus. In this session, the benefits of complete and automated offerings will be discussed. What will be the next expectations from converting machine suppliers or respond to?

At 10:10 CEST, right after opening, you can hear AFRY's Hampus Mörner presentation "Evolving expectations from converting machinery suppliers".

Requirements from converting equipment differ in various parts of the world, but the focus is increasingly on supply chain efficiency, speed, output, and scale. The trend has been towards consolidation among TM suppliers but also among converting equipment suppliers. For CM suppliers the size of the companies have been growing but more importantly, their portfolio and offering have widened. Much of this has happened through M&A. Converting equipment suppliers have taken important steps towards complete end-to-end offerings, starting from jumbo reels and ending to products ready to be shipped, digitalization has been here an important cornerstone. Small tissue companies get holistic support and large ones an equal partner in very sizeable deals. Wide automated offering supports the technical development. Would merging TM suppliers and CM suppliers offer any similar advantages? Adapting to different requirements in e.g., evolving Chinese markets would require further widening of portfolio and perspective.

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Wind mills

MIAC Energy Conference: Diversified energy sources and improved control systems for improved sustainability

The importance of efficient energy consumption within paper industry has significantly increased due to cost inflation and sustainability challenges. To tackle this new sources of energy, improved control systems and overall energy efficiency in the processes are being implemented. This session will provide examples of recent developments.

AFRY's Antonio Michelon will give an overview of Energy procurement in a disruptive market at 14:00.

The withholding of Russian energy supplies to Europe, and the concrete risk of their complete interruption, has pushed energy prices up to unprecedented levels. Gas, for example, has been traded at 150 €/MWh in July 2022 when, in a “normal” scenario, its price shall be in the range of 20-30 €/MWh. This major short term disruption overlaps with another, long term, change, i.e., the decarbonization of the economy and energy system, which is likely to bring about an increase of the energy commodities price, though in a controlled and progressive manner. The energy intensive industries, like the paper industry one, are hence exposed to significant high energy prices and volatility, both in the short term and in the long term, which poses significant challenges to their economic activity and competitive positioning. In addition, if the Russian gas supplies will be interrupted, there might be gas curtailment and hence production stops. In this session we will analyze the prospects of the energy markets and the implications for the paper industry, covering procurement strategies to hedge risks and initiatives to decarbonize the energy value chain.

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MIAC Paperboard Conference: Evolving packaging landscape: plastic substitution, other sustainability measures and case studies of improvements

Fibre based solutions being sustainable is a non-brainer for the industry. But regulations and requirements from society are evolving, and paper industry has room for improvements. This session will provide a high-level view on latest developments and requirements from stakeholders in the field. Machinery suppliers and producers will then showcase examples how the industry is adjusting.

Developments from European regulatory framework, plastic vs. fibre competition and what it means for paper & board producers.

In this session14 October 10:10 CET AFRY's Christoph Euringer will talk about developments from European regulatory framework, plastic vs. fibre competition and what it means for paper & board producers. Sustainability and plastic substitution are on top of mind of consumers, the industry and policy makers. The presentation will provide a paper industry centric overview of what is happening in terms of tangible European directives, regulations, and initiatives, and condensing the impact for the fibre-based packaging industry. Furthermore, the presentation will explore the areas in which fibre currently is able to make inroads in packaging markets against other materials, highlight where little additional growth is seen yet, and how the recent cost inflation of paper and plastics has changed the balance of material competitiveness.

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