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Nordic flexibility markets – Practical experience and lessons learned from Germany



What are the main challenges and opportunities facing DSOs in the Nordics today? The changing role of DSOs requires active management of the distribution grids, potentially facing massive grid investments to cope with the increasingly complex and volatile power system driven by decarbonisation and decentralisation. Grid investments are not only costly but take time; therefore, power system operators across Europe are looking for alternative ways to tackle the immediate challenge.

In this webinar, Espen Døvle provides insights from AFRY research and gives an update on the flexibility market development. Espen was joined by Hallstein Hagen (NODES), who shared some of the practical experiences from the NODES market. As German DSOs have gained experience in congestion management with decentralised flexibility by implementing “Redispatch 2.0” in 2021, Dr Henning Schuster (E-Bridge) presented practical experiences concerning data exchange, TSO/DSO-coordination and DSO processes.

The webinar concluded with a roundtable discussion between the speakers and Bengt Johansson from Ellevio. The roundtable was moderated by Kjetil Ingeberg, discussing topics surrounding Nordic flexibility markets, including:

  • how the lessons learned can be applied into a Nordic context;
  • the circumstances in which a flexibility market can replace or reduce grid investment;
  • how we can make it happen; and
  • what the DSO should do next.
Power lines in sunset in Nordics
Power lines in sunset in Nordics

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Power lines in sunset

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