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Partner Network Assignments - Gothenburg Region


From: 11-November-2021 08:30 CET To: 11-November-2021 09:15 CET

Welcome to Partner Assignments Event in Gothenburg, finally time for Uppdrags-Akuten reboot!

This event for partner network assignment occurs every other Thursday between 8.30 am and 09.15 am. It is an opportunity for our partners to meet our Sales managers and to hear about the assignments where we seek candidates in areas such as Engineering / Mechanics, IT, Embedded, Technical calculations, Industrial IT, Automation and Electricity and more in the western region.

This is also an opportunity for partners to join the meeting and report that they are available for assignments

You are welcome to join us either online or onsite. We offer coffee & buns for the participants on site.

For IRL participants the location is AFRY's Gothenburg office at Grafiska vägen 2A, floor 16

For more information please contact

Registrations will open soon.