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Partner Network Webinar - Product & Software Engineering, region North


From: 20-October-2021 17:00 CEST To: 20-October-2021 18:15 CEST

This digital event is an opportunity for our partners to meet us online and to learn more about AFRY Partner Network and our business in the Business Area Product & Software Engineering in region North (Borlänge/Västerås/Örebro/Karlstad/Gävle). An exciting topic speech regarding AI will also be part of the webinar, as well as the possibility to ask questions to us.

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Speaker: Ricky Stanley D'cruze

How AI/ML is used in industrial operations?

Ricky Stanley D'cruze, consultant at AFRY, with 20 years experience in IT, currently working as a Research Engineer in the AI group of Mälardalens University in Västerås.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution gave birth to a new era of intelligent machines, storage systems, and manufacturing facilities that can communicate, trigger operations, and control one another without the need for human participation. Where artificial intelligence(AI)/machine learning(ML) plays a vital role in the whole life cycle of the industrial operations like supply chain, manufacturing, predictive maintenance, reuse/remanufacturing etc.

During this short session, Ricky will walk you through the usage of AI/ML into the industrial operations.

Warm welcome!

Ricky Stanley D'cruze