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Partner Webinar Stockholm


From: 29-September-2020 17:00 CEST To: 29-September-2020 18:30 CEST

Warm welcome to Partner Webinar 

In the webinar, you get to learn more about AFRY Partner Network and some of our selected BAs. An exciting presentation about AI will also be part of the webinar, as well as the possibility to ask questions to our experts.


How AI impacts the labor market for engineers in the near future?

Through numerous research studies, we have confirmed that AI brings about efficiency and better strategies in a multitude of business processes in organizations. Despite such benefits, people believe that AI will take their jobs as machines do not falter as they don't get tired, whereas humans do.

In this long virtual talk, I discuss how this fear of AI taking over people's jobs can be eliminated by proper and regulated use of onboarding techniques and mentioning some impact numbers in multiple sectors.

September 29th 2020

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Prajit Datta

Future Technologies Team