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Partner's E3P Workshop – Interview training


From: 27-April-2022 10:00 CEST To: 27-April-2022 11:00 CEST

Welcome to Interview training!

This is an online workshop for AFRY partners. Teams link will be distributed after registration. Participants will get all presentation material and the interview guidelines.


During this workshop we will cover the following:

  • Preparations: How to create the best conditions for a successful interview
  • During interview: What to keep in mind during the interview to increase your chances of getting the assignment.
  • After interview: What to do after the interview, follow up and feedback

E3P - Employee Empowerment & Engagement Program has limited seats available, first come, first served!

For questions regarding registration please contact e3p.partners@afry.com

For further questions please contact network@afry.com

Welcome to Empower Yourself trough coaching!


Linn Kroglund - E3P Program Manager

Linn Kroglund

Linn Kroglund, E3P Program Manager at AFRY, with great experience in coaching. Her goal is to engage and strengthen consultants confidence by theoretical and practical skills.