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Swedish Board of Radio Navigation (RNN)


From: 08-December-2021 To: 08-December-2021

Invitation to Webinar on: "Autonomous Systems – Performance and Reliability"

On Dec 8th,The Swedish Board of Radio Navigation (Radionavigeringsnämnden, RNN) welcomes you to a Webinar on Autonomous systems and GNSS performance and reliability.

The Webinar will focus on two important topics; one session focusing on navigation for autonomous vehicles and a second session within the field of security, uncertainty, jamming, and integrity of GNSS signals.

Graphic image of waves


Session 1: Automonus Systems

(Chair: Stefan Nord, RISE)


DINPAS - Digital Infrastructure for Precise Positioning
Fredrik Gunnarsson, Ericsson



PrePare Ships - precise positioning and ship-to-ship communication
Luis Sanchez-Heres, RISE



Project - UAV Traffic Management
Åke Sivertun, RISE



Autonomous vehicles - spoofing & jamming
Peter Karlsson, U-Blox



Session 2: GNSS - Performance and Reliability

(Chair: Peter Wiklund, Lantmäteriet)


SWEPOS data quality monitoring – Signal Disturbances Detection System
Kibrom Ebuy Abraha, Lantmäteriet



Robust satellite positioning
Mikael Alexandersson, FOI



Long term Monitoring of Galileo performance parameters - SISE and UERE
Jan Johansson, Chalmers



Ditgital Platform: Zoom
Link to the webinar will be distributed to registered participants. Last day to register is 6th of December 2021.