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Future Cities Survey 2021

Majority of young Europeans want to live in small cities

Global trends and challenges, such as urbanisation, digitalisation and climate change, will affect how we live in the future. But what do the young people of today want future cities to look like? According to a new survey, only 9 per cent of young people want to live in big cities with more than one million inhabitants.

To understand how the pandemic has affected young people’s views on their future and where to live, AFRY has conducted a survey among 6 000 young adults, aged 18-35, in seven European countries, during August to September 2021.



"The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on how we view our lives in the cities. It has been a time for reflection where people have reconsidered what type of life they are seeking, in combination with completely new patterns of travelling, working, shopping etc in the public space.

The big cities’ housing markets are challenging, and yet again we see that young Europeans want to live in smaller cities, where we know that proximity and access to schools, work, culture and green areas are highly valued."

Future Cities Insights Helena Paulsson
Helena Paulsson, VP and Head of BA Architecture and Design at AFRY.

The Future Cities Survey Summary

Read the full summary of the survey by downloading the file here.