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Meet Henrik Anderson, Section Manager at AFRY

Henrik Anderson works as a section manager at AFRY and manage consultants with a broad range of competencies mostly relating to test and verification in product development projects. It could be software testing, system testing or production testing.

In my role I am responsible for developing and growing the team and ensuring that my consultants have assignments they find rewarding and fun, says Henrik.

A significant part of his time he also spends with sales, meeting with clients and trying to serve their needs in terms of consulting services with specific competence or project requests. His expertise is in life science and medical device products, where he has run a large number of projects in several different organisations.

I have had the opportunity to work with development of instrumentation for life science research, equipment for biopharmaceutical production and most recently with analysis instruments for in-vitro diagnostics, he says.

A common factor which appeals to him is the cross-functional nature of these projects including all aspects of development but also aspects relating to service, manufacturing and supply and regulatory affairs.  

"At AFRY I am given the opportunity to serve a wider range of companies and their development projects by providing key competence and project services"


AFRY - An opportunity!

Henrik has twenty years of experience working with product development in product companies. He started at AFRY in September 2021.

AFRY has been a constant companion by providing highly competent expertise to the projects where I have been involved. So not only did I already have a very positive perception of AFRY, but I also had collegial relationships with several AFRY employees before joining. Also importantly, at AFRY I am given the opportunity to serve a wider range of companies and their development projects by providing competent staffing and project services”, Henrik concludes.

Interest in medical technology

Henrik’s interest in development of medical devices and instruments for Life science was initially triggered by the mix of design disciplines needed to achieve the desired functionality.

At my first job, we developed a narcotics and explosives detector which derived its sensitivity from the piezoelectric sensor and its specificity on a specific antibody response. The development effort thus included mechanics, electronics, software, micro fluidics, biochemistry, algorithm development et cetera, which really challenged me in utilizing my university training broadly, he says.

In subsequent projects, the benefit to society has become clearer as I have learned more about the end user needs, and how the products I have contributed to develop serve those needs. Connecting to serving those needs has become a strong driving force for me in my work.




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Support clients with product development

With 2 years into the Covid-pandemic, it is clearer than ever how technology can provide relief in a difficult situation.

“I have the privilege to support clients like Cytiva who play an integral role in the production of both the new vaccines and new drugs addressing Covid and Getinge who manufacture ventilators that save lives of those hardest impacted by Covid in the intensive care units across the world”, says Henrik.

Potential in 3D printing and machine learning

When it comes to development of medical devices, there is a lot of untapped potential in areas of digitalisation, 3D printing and machine learning. At the same time, the regulatory framework that applies to the industry poses some challenges in adoption of new technologies, for good reason since new products need to be proved to be both safe and effective.


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