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AFRY joins the UNITECH International network

Written by Abigail Speak

AFRY is delighted to be part of the UNITECH International network of leading European technical universities and multinational companies. The UNITECH programme enables high-performing students to complement their engineering studies by gaining academic, professional and personal experience at an international level.

We value this opportunity to link up in mutually beneficial way with inspired students and alumni from prominent universities that are looking for to implement their skills within a leading global company that is at the forefront of the sustainable industry transition. With sustainability at the core of UNITECH, this collaboration is well aligned to create value for business, society and the world at large. As a progressive European company with a global footprint, AFRY can offer international opportunities in a wide range of industries and disciplines that focus on transforming sectors.

The UNITECH International Society was founded in 2000 with an aim to enable the academic and corporate worlds to jointly develop a group of talented young engineers that can successfully manage future challenges in global industry and help bridge the gap between the corporate and academic world. UNITECH also provides a valuable platform for networking and exchange of ideas. In particular, it is an ecosystem preparing the next generation of leaders to solve global challenges in a world with increasing levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).

When I was a UNITECH student, I really appreciated the opportunity to gather my first professional experiences in a supported way, where I could access inspiring leaders that offered guidance and advice during my first years navigating the world of international business. The way UNITECH enables students to gain experience is really beneficial - also on the side of the company, which gains fresh perspectives and motivating new viewpoints

says Jonas Kazda of AFRY Management Consulting

Making future

As a UNITECH partner, AFRY takes an active role in training and education by offering students challenging internships in business and actively taking part in building up as well as developing UNITECH International. At the core of the UNITECH International Society Network are its four key value areas, through which those in the network seek to add value to members and to the wider world:

  • Enhancing Stakeholder Interaction, both inter- and intra- stakeholder groups in order to optimise the diversity and strengths of each
  • Driving Talent Development – primarily of interns and graduates for recruitment, and also of all stakeholder groups in continuing education
  • Extending Corporate Social Responsibility - within the UNITECH Network and in its interface with Europe and beyond
  • Optimising Diversity and Inclusion – sustaining and developing the inherent ethnic, gender and generational diversity of the UNITECH Network

As an esteemed UNITECH partner, AFRY brings a great capacity to challenge our students to face complex issues that affect this VUCA world we live in. AFRY is also an active partner in inter- and intra- industry collaboration across stakeholder groups, committed to addressing such issues. We are delighted to partner with them and, together with the rest of our partners, help develop high potentials to impact the world with systemic and personal awareness, discernment, and heart.

says Marta Chicano Catalan, CEO UNITECH International.

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AFRY joins the UNITECH International network

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