Bio transition leads the way towards more sustainable industries

Bio-based industries will have a vital role in the transition to using renewable raw materials and mitigating climate change 

Meet Lisa Vedin, Head of Process Industries in Sweden, and watch her thoughts about ongoing bio-transition and circular economy solutions development. Lisa is leading process industries business in Sweden with an in-depth understanding of possibilities and requirements that the industry sector is facing while transforming towards a more sustainable future.  

For Lisa, it s' important to work with the sustainable transition because she wants to enjoy nature and also make sure that future generations have the same possibilities as we. By being part of AFRY we can be also part of the transition. 

Check out the video below to hear more from Lisa! 

Lisa Vedin

The planet is not so happy with us. So we really need to decrease our big environmental footprint and cut our emissions - and find alternatives and substitute products and materials that are based on renewable resources. This can be achieved by producing renewable end products like, for example, biofuels, biochemicals and bioplastics. Also cellulose-based textiles will help to move away from fossil materials and reduce emissions. 

Lisa Vedin, Head of Process Industries Sweden

Climate change mitigation requires immediate actions 

We want to reduce the impacts of climate change and improve industry sector transition towards more sustainable operations. At AFRY, we are committed to sustainable development, which increases safety, protects the environment, and mitigates climate change in everything we do. 

With almost 4,000 experts globally throughout Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, North and Latin America, AFRY provides services across the whole value chain from raw materials to end products as well as the lifecycle from idea to commercial production. Our clients have access to a wide-scale of advisory services and world-leading technical design and investment implementation capabilities supported by operational phase services. 

AFRY's track record of biorefining consulting and engineering services spans over six decades and we have unique competence in bio-based industries. We are working with the process industry sector that is moving towards biorefineries supported by circular economy solutions like recycling and resource efficiency. We are helping our clients to produce more sustainable products with increased efficiency supported by digital solutions.



Leading the way towards more sustainable industries