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Build Back Better GREEN Award 2021

Light Bureau is awarded for the subtle and evocative exterior lighting scheme at Jørpelandsholmen in Norway

Jørpelandsholmen in Norway wins the rare Build Back Better GREEN Award for an outstanding commitment to sustainability principles.

Build Back Better Light Bureau Jørpelandsholmen

The Build Back Better Awards celebrate and reward projects, products and industry initiatives for their innovation, creativity, social value and environmental leadership. The Build Back Better Green award is offered to projects with a strong sustainability and environmental narrative.

About Jørpelandsholmen

In 2017, a connecting pedestrian bridge was built and landscape architect Anita Ellefsen Hus masterminded a 2.1 km nature walk around the island. Designing lighting for an island that had previously been unlit was a rare opportunity to explore how little light one needs to make the experience of the walk a magical experience after dark. Light Bureau developed a design where the artificial light would balance visually against the night sky to avoid all glare and keep the light levels low so that the views across the fjord would remain intact.

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  • Client: Strand Municipality
  • Landscape architect: Anita Ellefsen Hus
  • Electrical engineer: Ekrheim Elconsult
  • Electrical contractor: Ryfylke Elektriske
  • Metalwork: Tau Mekaniske
  • Distributors/manufacturers: Rebel Light/Mike Stoane Lighting, Louis Poulsen
  • Photographer: Kristofer Ryde
  • Award website: https://www.buildbackbetterawards.com/


Arve Olsen - Country Manager, Light Bureau UK

Arve Olsen

Country Manager, Light Bureau UK

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