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Creating competitive advantage through sustainable energy investments

The energy transition challenge

Investments aligned with global decarbonisation goals are now critical. Being sustainable and being able to demonstrate it with actions is also what shareholders expect from modern companies. But what are sustainable solutions and how to ensure their financial viability?

The challenge with a swift and effective energy transition lies in the multitude of factors to take into consideration: how to balance the economic, financial, technical, societal and environmental aspects of energy-related projects?

These apply to all, whether you’re a utility company, operate in an energy-intensive industry or work on energy infrastructure.

Some of the key questions that investors and decision-makers face are:

  • How to assess the feasibility and profitability of energy projects in a dynamic and uncertain market?
  • How to optimise the design and operation of energy systems to maximise performance and minimise costs and emissions?
  • How to integrate renewable energy sources and storage solutions into the existing grid infrastructure and ensure reliability and security of supply?
  • How to comply with the regulatory and policy frameworks and meet the sustainability and social responsibility goals?
  • How to leverage the latest technologies and innovations to create value and competitive advantage?
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"While the energy transition can be complex, partnering with AFRY ensures a smooth and strategic navigation through this challenging landscape."

– Jenny Ekman, Sales Director Energy Division

Bridging expertise and technologies for a sustainable tomorrow – AFRY’s commitment in action

As a leading engineering and consulting partner of the sustainability transition, AFRY is able to offer end-to-end solutions for its clients to support sound decisions, relying on the very best engineering knowledge on energy projects and decarbonisation strategies.

Set your strategy for informed sustainable energy investments

AFRY's dedicated team of management consultants is committed to empowering clients with advanced strategies and methodologies ensuring they successfully achieve their project and sustainability goals. Our expertise in strategy development and implementation is top-notch, backed by continuous innovation and digital readiness. We tackle big data and artificial intelligence challenges with our robust quantitative and mathematical abilities. Our comprehensive energy models and market reports underpin transactions and fundraising efforts, ensuring operational excellence and organisational success, all spearheaded by leading industry experts.

Decarbonise your industry with pioneering sustainable energy solutions

AFRY leads the way in incorporating sustainable energy solutions across diverse sectors. We are revolutionising how businesses deal with energy, advising on solutions that spans from integrating renewable sources in heavy industries to decarbonise their operations, to innovatively harnessing waste or excess heat from industries and redirecting it to district heating systems for urban warmth. Our efforts are all about reducing carbon footprints and enhancing energy efficiency within communities.

Harmonise renewables with the grid and advanced storage

AFRY’s approach goes from the integration of renewable energy into the grid all the way through their stabilisation via cutting-edge storage technologies. Through systems like pumped storage, hydrogen and batteries, we advise on the most suitable solutions for a consistent energy supply, even with the intermittent nature of renewables. This not only stabilises the grid but also boosts renewable energy utilisation, redefining sustainability standards in the energy sector.

Modernise power assets for the future of energy

As the energy transition accelerates, it's vital to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and safety of existing power assets. Our focus lies in rehabilitating and extending the lifespan of power plants and energy infrastructure, thus boosting performance while cutting emissions. We actively prepare these assets for forthcoming challenges like variability, flexibility, and storage demands. Modernisation opens doors to new technologies such as hydrogen, biofuels, carbon capture, and digitalisation, amplifying efficiency and sustainability. AFRY's mission is to guide clients in transforming their power assets into resilient, future-proof energy solutions, aligned with their business goals and global climate targets.

By combining engineering and consulting expertise with a profound understanding of the energy sector and sustainability transition, we provide our clients with bespoke, holistic solutions that create value and a competitive edge in an evolving world.

"We are dedicated to creating a future where business growth and environmental preservation coexist effectively and thrive together."

AFRY’s commitment to sustainability is our core principle. Our global teams are the driving force behind our ability to deliver top-quality projects, tailored to our clients' specific needs, wherever they are in the world.

– Linda Pålsson, EVP and Head of Energy at AFRY

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Linda Pålsson - EVP and Head of Division Energy

Linda Pålsson

EVP and Head of Division Energy

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Jenny Ekman - Sales Director Energy Division

Jenny Ekman

Sales Director Energy Division

Head of Regional Management AFRY Malmö

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