Developing product portfolios for Irisity - AFRY produces JavaScript for a Web application

AFRY developing a modern platform for Irisity, a Swedish company that focus on security and surveillance using AI & Machine Learning.

Meet Peter Leinonen, Frontend developer at AFRY

Peter just recently started his career at AFRY. He is acting as Frontend developer and belongs to IT Solutions department in Gothenburg.


Hi, Peter! Tell us, what is a Frontend developer?

I’m specialized in frontend development, TypeScript & JavaScript and Test-driven development. A frontend developer has one general responsibility: to ensure that website visitors can easily interact with the page. They do this through the combination of design, technology and programming to code a website's appearance, as well as taking care of debugging.

What is your current assignment?

I have recently started a new assignment at Irisity, a Swedish company that focus on security and surveillance using AI & Machine Learning. They needed a good frontend developer, and I was available at that time.


My role as a frontend developer involves writing user interfaces in React with Typescript and Sass, for the client facing web applications. This means that my team get specifications from the product owner, and we discuss how it should be implemented before we implement it and teaching it to my coworkers.

Irisity wants to grow, but technical debt makes it difficult to move forward. We need to reduce technical indebtedness, and at the same time develop new features that will make the existing product portfolio more attractive to both existing and new clients. Finding the right balance can be hard sometimes.

“Peter is helping us with great enthusiasm to get better at unit testing in our Frontend applications”, Per Sollid, RnD Group manager at Irisity

What product improvements were implemented?

We developed a modern platform that is easy to work with. Adding new and changing existing functionality. Also, a modern platform is more attractive for new talent to work with. Modern tech attracts developers.

Do you have any interests linked to product development? 

I love building things, and got interested in computers at an early age, and got into programming. In my spare time I enjoy building scale models, recently with focus on robots and Mechas (Humanoid mobile robots).  

I have a collection of T-800 Terminators in different scales, one of which is a ½ scale 3D-printed model kit I purchased on Etsy. It took me one year to build, paint and install electronics (Arduino) to make the eyes glow and blink like it is something wrong with it.

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