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Digitalising the food and life science sectors

How can digitalisation aid the food and pharma industry in making the sustainable transition that lies ahead?

Meet our Head of Business Area Food & Pharma, Lotta Falck. Lotta has been working at AFRY for the last three years and her love of nature and the outdoors is what gives her energy. And that’s one of the reasons why the journey towards a sustainable future is so important to her, to ensure the future of our nature and environment.

In the video below Lotta shares her vision on how we at AFRY can assist the food and life science industry with digital tools such as Real Digital Twin and simulations, which will enable smarter and safer production lines, faster time-to-market and reduced waste.

Lotta being interviewed at the office

An increasing world population requires sustainable solutions

If we want to be able to reduce the impacts of climate change and improve living standards. At AFRY, we are committed to work towards the United Nations' global development goals as we ensure quality and meet current demands within the fields of Food & Life Science. We minimise waste and expand production capacity in the pharma industry and develop production of the next generation’s food and medical devices.

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Food & Life Science

We accelerate the sustainable transition