Europe’s energy future: the shape of the beast

Europe’s energy future – the shape of the beast

Ed: These reports predate November 2019, when ÅF and Pöyry came together as AFRY.

Europe’s energy markets are undergoing a massive transformation.

In this Point of View we:

  • Look at the key drivers affecting Europe’s energy markets and the underlying tensions
  • Set out our thinking for how the ‘big policy dilemma’ can be resolved
  • Explain why embracing innovation is the first necessary step to the future world

Point of View Overview

As tough decarbonisation targets continue to challenge the future of energy companies, governments are facing a big policy dilemma; whether to rely on markets and a strong CO2 regime or to build national solutions with government-channelled investment. Whatever the ‘shape of the beast’, the implications will be significant, affecting everyone from Europe’s largest energy producers through to the everyday consumer. Now is the time to take an informed view.

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