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The future market design for India's power market

Over the past decade, the Indian power sector has been transformed.

Grid areas have been connected to form the world’s largest synchronously connected system; the reliability of the power system has been improved while serving rapid growth in demand; and there has been a wave of investment in generation capacity, underpinned by long term PPAs.

With an ambition of 175GW of wind and solar by 2022 and the promise of keeping the lights on for everyone, the Indian power sector is not just growing – it is transforming.

AFRY has considered the future market design for India, in the context of India’s changing power mix. We considered the centralised vs decentralised market design debate, and present our vision of what a renewable-led market design could look like.

We discussed our views with the regulatory commission CERC, the system operator POSOCO and the Ministry of Power, and presented to the CERC hearing on their own proposals for market reform.

We also gave a public webinar, which can be found here.

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